| | 2009-05-29

Manchu Manoj, Harika, Brahmanandam, Janardhan, Daniel etc

Director - Chandrasekhar Yeleti
Producer - Sita Yeleti
Banner - Aryaki Arts
Music - Mahesh Shankar

The film deals with the most romantic line 'Love at first sight' one can ever hear. Dhruv (Manoj) is a on his way to World tour along with his friends Kailash (janardhan) and Raman. He is at the Kuala Lumpur airport waiting for the flight and here comes Harika (harika) along with her friend. She is on her way to India and is likely to meet her prospective groom. Dhruv falls in love with Harika. It is love at first sight for him and he decides to win her heart. On the other hand, Harika is a girl who believes in planning and being systematic. Now, Dhruv has got just two hours to express his love and also get a positive answer from Harika. The rest of the story all about is he successful or not.

Manoj looks extremely good but for some reason he was unable to emote few innocent expressions naturally. He looked inconsistent in his performance. Harika is okay in his role. She has got really expressive eyes and though she is not beautiful, she has that cute look and her eyes do most of the talking. Janardhan provided a major relief with his dialogues and performance. Brahmanandam's comedy is just okay. Tamim is hilarious with his unique body language.

Music of the film is good. Songs in the film will guarantee visual treat. Graphics in songs were effective. Background score by Mahesh Shankar is excellent. Editing should have been crisp. Cinematography is good. Almost all dialogues are witty. Screenplay play is average.

First half of the film is good. But the second half of the film drops down. The last fifteen minutes of the film is heart touching. On  a whole its a typical Chandrasekhar Yeleti film. And its worth watching if you admire his films!