Dev Movie Review

2 Hrs 38 M | Romance | 2019-02-14

Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh, Prakash Raj, Ramya Krishna and others

Director - Rajath Ravishankar
Producer - S. Lakshman Kumar
Banner - Prince Pictures
Music - Harris Jayaraj

Dev starring Karthi and Rakul Preet Singh is a love story with adventure backdrop. It has vibrant visuals and a stellar star cast, but turns out to be a misadventure due to lackluster script.

What is it about?

Dev (Karthi) is a guy who loves adventures. He falls in love with an entrepreneur Meghna (Rakul). She hates men and ignores Dev at the beginning. But he convinces her to give him a chance. They get separated when everything seems to be going right. How they reunite forms rest of the story.  


Karthi looks handsome as a urban guy dressed up in trendy outfits. His performance is flawless. Rakul also suits the role of a shrewd business woman. Prakash Raj and Ramya Krishna did their bit in the supporting roles. The actors who played Karthi's friends did okay.


Rajath Ravishankar only focused on the visual appeal of the film and didn't bother much about writing a script. The story never goes forward until the pre climax. The film is visually rich but is a damp squib in terms of direction and script. Harris Jayaraj's music is a saving grace besides stunning cinematography. Every frame is rich with grand production values. Editing is bad and the dialogues made sense only in parts.

Thumbs Up:


Visual Appeal

Thumbs Down:




Dev starts out like an adventurous film, but soon fizzles out with the focus shifting on to a love story. It is very bland with stock characters and cliched conflicts. We can easily guess where it is going when Dev and Meghana meets for the first time. The pointless, unexciting love story is stretched for two and a half hours without any drama and excitement.

Except for the grand visuals and good music, Dev turns out to be a tedious fare where even the pleasing locations couldn't keep the viewers engaged. The conflict is established only before the pre-climax and the runtime is unnecessarily stretched with the final adventure of the protagonist.

Even the Himalayan trek in the climax doesn't engage due to poor VFX and unimaginative direction. The ending also is very weak without proper drama or an emotional high. Dev is a film that will bore you from the start to finish and will be unanimously disliked for its pointless script and direction. Even the star cast couldn't save it from ending up as a dud.

Verdict: Hey God! Hey God!