Lovers Day Movie Review

| Romance | 2019-02-14

Priya Prakash Varrier, Roshan Abdul, Noori Shereef and others

Director - Omar Lulu
Producer - Ousepachan Vaalakuzhy
Banner - Ousepachan Movie House
Music - Shaan Rahman

Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love that trended National wide on social media because of a viral wink teaser is released in Telugu as Lovers Day. Despite the buzz around it, the film turned out to be a boring teenage romance with nothing to talk about.

What is it about?

Priya and Roshan (Priya, Roshan) fall in love on their first day of school. While the romance starts to blossom between the young couple we get to see the daily activities and naughty things of class XI students. The story takes an interesting turn once it turns into a love triangle. Roshan falls for his friend Gadha John (Noorin) and breaks up with Priya. But the fate has other plans for him.


Priya Prakash's cute looks and expressions are one of the major attractions. Roshan's reactions for Priya's antics are adorable. Noorin shines in her part. The fat guy in the students gang gets so much footage but couldn't click. The student who stalks his teacher on phone goes overboard in every scene.


Omar Lulu didn't have a solid script on hands to make this teenage romance an engaging fare. He sticks to the regular template and writes some senseless scenes in the name of humour. Teachers are shown in bad light and the school romance is too farfetched.

Music is impressive. A couple of songs are soothing on ears. Background score also is good. Cinematography is eye catching. The aerial shots of Kerala are a treat to watch. Editing could have been better. Production values are strictly okay.

Thumbs Up:

A few scenes here and there

Thumbs Down:

Dated script

Boring Narration

Forced Climax


It is clear that the director didn't have proper script on hands as he wastes a lot of time on random scenes. His desperate attempts at humor miserably failed to make the viewing experience even more miserable for its viewers. Even the plot twists don't seem legit as they occur randomly without any buildup to it.

For instance, the friendship between Roshan and Gadha suddenly turns into romance and it is very unconvincing. Such things need to be established from the beginning. Director could have shown that Gadha has some unexpressed feelings towards Roshan. But that angle only starts in the middle of the second half.

Director sets up a scene for the sake of climax and the violent climax fails to click due to the forced nature. It could have been ended on another note, but the director deliberately takes the violent route and opts for tragic ending for the sake of impressing the audience. Lovers Day is full of random scenes and moments that makes you wait for the film to end.

Verdict: Boring Lovers!