Hippi Movie Review

143 Min | Romance | 2019-06-06

Karthikeya, Digangana, JD Chakravarthy, Vennela Kishore and others

Director - TN Krishna
Producer - S. Thanu
Banner - V Creations
Music - Nivas K Prasanna

Hippi is a romantic comedy that is aimed at younger crowds to make the most of RX 100 actor's name and fame.

What is it about?

Deva (Karthikeya) and Amukta Malyada (Digangana) are in love. But Deva is not happy with her as she puts him under control. He waits for the moment to break up with her so that he can go back to his happy times.


Karthikeya is a one note actor, who needs a lot of work to establish himself into a good actor. Digangana has average looks, but does a neat job with her role. JD Chakravarthy plays a silly role that makes him look like a clown. His fake Telangana accent is another headache. Vennela Kishore fails to entertain with his comedy. There is not much to mention about the remaining cast.


TN Krishna has no script on hands. All he knows is Karthikeya scored a hit with his previous film that is so popular with the young audience. So he relies upon all those elements that he believes to be attracting the youth. He knows to make a film with quality visuals but doesn't have a clue about script and screenplay. Music is very ordinary. Cinematography is so good that even bizarre scenes like the climax scene where the lead pair indulge in a mad fight also looked colorful on screen. Production values are impressive.

Thumbs Up:

Visual Appeal

Thumbs Down:



Disgusting Dialogue

Numbing Climax


Hippi is a futile attempt to cash in on the popularity of Karthikeya that he had gained with RX 100. The director and producer have overestimated Karthikeya's craze among the youth and made Hippi depending solely upon his 'skills' as an actor. But Karthikeya doesn't have any fans that throng to the theaters on day 1 in big numbers. He might have earned a bit of following across social media platforms like every celebrity does, but he is still a long way from becoming a crowd puller. Sad openings for Hippi might have made it clear to the makers about Karthikeya's crowd pulling capabilities.

Hippi hardly has any story except for desperate attempts to please the 'youth' with sexual innuendos, lip locks, bare chested Karthikeya and cleavage showing heroines. The opening sequence is interesting with the protagonist trying to commit suicide but surrendering to his girlfriend. Then he says about how his life turned into hell after winning the heart of his dream girl. She is a dominating and controlling personality who keeps him under check all the time. He was a carefree guy in the past roaming around with girls and competing in kick boxing matches. Everything is changed once Amukta Malyada entered his life and he is desperate for a break up.

He starts ignoring her commands and does whatever he likes. But Amukta Malyada is clever enough to read him and moves into his for having a live-in relationship. But things don't work out for them and they decide to break up and get married to some other. However, they realize that they are in love after a fight where they throw vases and kitchen knives at each other. The protagonist also gets a chance to prove his potency and the couple lives happily ever after. Hippi is a compilation of many spectacularly stupid scenes. They come at you at a rapid pace that they don't even give you breathing space.

It is like the director is threatening you to leave the auditorium or else he would torture more with his creativity. Why would an independent girl fall for a man who has his tongue stuck throat deep into other woman's mouth? Apparently, that is the moment when she has fallen for him. Why would a corporate boss want a kick boxer as one of the employees. Wait for the scene where she goes 'Wow' looking at his abs and muscles. Why would a corporate company head sit beside a beggar and smoke beedi with him? He not only exploits women in his office but also talks vividly about erections, viagra and masturbation.

Yes, Hippi is all of the above without a bit of exaggeration. All it has is good visuals and quality production values in its favor. Rest of it is pure junk.

Verdict: Horrid!