Mister KK Movie Review

2 Hrs | Drama | 2019-07-19

Vikram, Abi Hassan, Akshara Haasan, Lena, Vikas, Cherry and Others

Director - Rajesh M Selva
Producer - Kamal Haasan
Banner - Raj Kamal Films International
Music - Ghibran

Vikram has been out of form for a long time and his latest film Mister KK also turns out to be a disappointing fare. It is an official remake of French action thriller Point Blank. It is produced by Kamal Haasan and directed by Rajesh Selva, who earlier made Cheekati Rajyam with Kamal.

What is it about?

A trainee doctor Vasu's (Abi Hassan) wife Adhira (Akshara) is abducted by someone who asks Vasu to get a patient named KK (Vikram) out of the hospital. KK is admitted to hospital when he meets an accident and his life is in danger. As the cops try to find the mystery behind KK, he is removed from the hospital by Vasu who goes to any lengths to save his pregnant wife.


Vikram looks stunning in his salt and pepper look. He is very fit for his age and moves swiftly in action sequences. There is not much that he could on the performance front, but his swag makes him the best thing about this dispassionate thriller. Abi Hassan, son of veteran actor Nasser is just okay in a key role. Akshara Haasan makes her pain look believable. All the actors that played the cop characters are impressive.


There are a few tweaks to the original script by director Rajesh Selva. He made it look slick and stylish, but couldn't make it a racy thriller like its original. There is a lot of lag in the proceedings that makes it seem lethargic and boring at times.

Background score by Ghibran is over the top. His score dominated the visuals in many scenes. There are a couple of songs that are quite unnecessary. Cinematography is great and the production values are superb. It is like watching a Hollywood action film with high quality chases.   

Thumbs Up:

Vikram's swag

Chase sequences

Thumbs Down:

Dull screenplay


Confusing narrative


Nothing makes sense in Mister KK even after watching the entire film. Who is Mister KK remains a mystery by the end. It should have been the interesting factor about the film, but it turns out disappointing due to the pointless direction. The director doesn't give any back story for many characters and simply expects to empathize with them.

Even the pregnant woman character doesn't connect emotionally in spite of going through so much physical and mental torture. There is a desperate attempt to stir the emotions by abusing the pregnant woman by a lady goon. It only creates discomfort to watch rather making us feel bad for the spite of the woman.

Despite being an action thriller, Mister KK moves at a snail's pace for most of its runtime. Barring a couple of nicely done chase sequences, the film seems lethargic and overstretched. There is a lot of time wasted before the real action begins and by that time the director was left with little time to get into the details.

The action in the second half of KK is almost similar to the director's first film Cheekati Rajyam where the action happens in crowded interiors. Vikram's screen presence is the only saving grace as this thriller falls flat and ends on a rather dull note without pulling off any surprises. Even action movie lovers will be left underwhelmed with Mister KK. It is not a film that could break the flop streak for Vikram in Telugu markets.

Verdict: Disappointing Mister!