Ek Mini Katha: Passable Katha


2 Hrs 13 mins   |   Comedy   |   27-05-2021

Cast - Santosh Shoban, Kavya Thapar, Shraddha Das, Brahmaji, Sudharshan, Sapthagiri, Posani Krishna Murali, and others

Director - Karthik Rapolu

Producer - UV Concepts

Banner - UV Concepts

Music - Praveen Lakkaraju

Santosh Sobhan who acted in Golkonda High School exactly ten years back as a school student, is coming with an adult themed concept Ek Mini Katha. Though he acted in Thanu Nenu, Paper Boy movies and A TV Series titled The Grill, Ek Mini Katha is more like a proper launch as a hero. UV Creations produced the movie with UV Concepts banner. The trailers and the posters hinted of a bold concept but yet claimed to be a family entertainer with the tage line ‘does size matter’. The movie released in OTT today and let us walk into the review to know how close it is to what the makers said.

What Is It About?

A youngster Santosh (Santosh Sobhan) who thinks and believes his penis is smaller than it should be, faces all kinds of insults and inhibitions due to it. When all his attempts to ‘enlarge’ the mini to mega fail miserably, he gets married in an unexpected situation. His struggle to hide the truth from his wife Amrutha (Kavya Thapar) and how he overcomes the problem by inviting more problems meanwhile, forms the story.


Santosh Sobhan matured as an actor. He performed well as a youngster who is a lot embarassed due to the problem he has. He handled most of the comedy scenes well.

Kavya Thapar as Amrutha has good looks and suits great as a rich kid who is good at heart. Her acting was just okay. Sudarshan appears as Santosh’s best friend Darshan, and he got a full length role where he excelled in it. Sudarshan grabbed the role with two hands and he fills in the dull scenes with needed humor at times.

Brahmaji is natural as Santosh’s father and he is usual. Harsha Vardhan is seen as Psychiatrist Satya Kishore and he is good in his role. Posani Krishna Murali appears in a brief role as an ‘enlargement surgeon’. He is alright in his role.

Sapthagiri enthralls all through the time he is there in the second half. He is seen as Santosh’s cousin who disrupts all his plans. Shraddha Das is seen as Chinna Swamiji. She is a lady seer who is also stunning in looks. Shraddha Das is fine in her role. Jabardasth Appa Rao, Jeevan and others appear in small roles and they are fine.


Ek Mini Katha’s story is not complicated. The director tried to present the struggle of a guy with small penis, in a possible hilarious way. The dialogues are neatly written without being heard obscene or vulgar in almost all the scenes.

The songs are shot well. Santosh dances are good in My life song. Ee Mayalo Padipotunnane song looks beautiful and rich. It reminds Mirchi’s Idhedo Bagunde Cheli song in few frames. Saami Ranga song goes situational and is alright while Entha Muddho song entertains romance loving audience.

Cinematography is good and editing is neat. Background music is good allthrough the movie.


Bold Theme
Background Music


Slow Narration
Some Routine Scenes


Ek Mini Katha is a bold subject picked by the director and Santosh Sobhan agreeing to it is an adventure. Films like these could push both the hero and director into the particular ‘adult’ genre zone if not dealt properly. The director took good care of the script and dialogues that he won’t cross the line of comedy where vulgarty enters. The movie is not a complete family entertainer, but depends on perception.

A boy who puts a doubt infront of his father about the ‘size’ is not just ignored but he completely gets misunderstood as a sex addict at a later point. He grows to become insecure and he determines to overcome the ‘size’ problem by not revealing it to many people, mainly his fiancee.

Ek Mini Katha is funny most of the time. There are few routine scenes like getting caught with the porn videos and at prostitute places, but they are not awkward for a movie with this concept. There are other scenes like the heroine liking the hero for his good heart when they both met with an accident, Santosh and his friend getting loan from Barri Basavanna, the Jabrangdal gang forcing the couple to get married on a valentines day, are quite routine. The confusion drama in Santosh’s house after getting married, is passable. The wedding reception scene with the maternal relatives is boring. The episode of Shraddha Das appears forced while the story slowly starts falling into formulaic confusion drama already.

The director used many current topics to bring the humor and most of them worked. The viral videos of TikTok trend where the women dance for BTS song is recreated in Ek Mini Katha that many can connect themselves to. Also Santosh mentions his friend Sudarshan as his ‘Sonu Sood’ for every help he wanted. Also when Harsha Vardhan asks Brahmaji cusses in Russian, Santosh reveals that even OTT release can’t manage that cursing.

There are few comedy scenes of Sapthagiri that make us laugh, while Sudarshan takes better piece. The particular scene from the reception where Santosh wants ‘Chinni Chinni’ song from Manam to be changed, Sudarshan asks for ‘Chinnadana Neekosam’ is hilarious. Also his comedy as plumber at prostitute place and where he cries in the operation theater are funny.

While the whole film deals with Santosh’s problems and what he does to overcome it to keep his wife happy, it ends with a revelation and also a message about educating children about sex. On whole, Ek Mini Katha is worth a watch on OTT.

Bottomline: Passable Katha

Rating: 2.75/5

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