Anushka’s Take On Depression


The tragic death of hero Sushant Singh Rajput did not just shake the Bollywood industry but also the other film industries across the country. And the psychological problems being faced by celebrities too is drawing the attention.

Heroine Anushka Shetty shared an Instagram post which is most meaningful and is the need of the hour. Though it was directly meant at dealing with depression and also Sushant’s death, she nowhere mentioned them but the write-up of the post has a lot of depth.

“Every single one of us out there can only handle a situation only the way we know how to .. no one is ever ever perfect …..There is no right way, no wrong, we are not born with a road map, to get through life …no one has ever. Each one of us big or small are vulnerable in our own ways … Each one of us do break inside ..and it’s ok ..some cry out for help some cry in silence, some distract , some indulge each one has their own ways and some are helpless …let each one of us please in our own beautiful broken ways learn to be there for each other in our own small ways … Let’s learn to be more kind .. Let’s Learn to empathise,” wrote Anushka.

Lastly she added that change happens slowly and let’s learn more.

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