What Will Allu Arjun Do With This New Market?

Despite doing almost nil promotions in Mumbai, and with a very limited screen release, Allu Arjun’s latest film “Pushpa” is doing some amazing things at the Bollywood box office. Guess what, the Day 4 collections are higher than the Day 1 and Day 2, and we have to say that pure word of mouth is helping the film collect big there.

Guess what, Pushpa might collect around 25 crores gross in the first week (₹ 16 cr collected already) from the Bollywood box office as per the estimates of Hindi trade pundits.

That’s a big show by Allu Arjun we have to say while the film got a mixed talk from many critics even there. This showcases the stamina of Bunny to pull even Hindi audiences to theatres and many are right now wondering what will he do with this new market.

While the expected Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam markets are not doing that great, Pushpa’s amazing performance at Bollywood BO now gives the actor a new window to sell and market his films. If he focuses properly on the Hindi market, getting proper casting and doing terrific promotions there, then his next films will easily collect 40-50 crores gross from Hindi alone. To date, other than Prabhas, no South India star has such a market there, that too with dubbed movies.

With Bunny’s next being Pushpa 2, Koratala Siva film and Boyapati’s movie, we have to see if he plans his Bollywood release quite intelligently such that the new market’s full potential will be explored by him.