Talk: Second Episode With Prabhas Didn’t Click

When Part 1 of “Unstoppable 2”s much hyped Prabhas episode was released, the app got stuck and was down for a couple of hours as millions of viewers rushed to watch it. However, when Part 2 of this much hyped episode is out other day, there is not much buzz and the app hasn’t seen any unusual things happening. 

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Unstoppable 2 has seen some terrific guests coming up and Prabhas is one of them. After creating super hype with Part 1 of this episode, many expected similar fireworks from Part 2 of the episode, which will be concluding Prabhas’ episode. However, this episode hasn’t gotten much attention and there is no roar at all on social media too. 

Many feel that Part 2 hasn’t got much attention because already everyone knows what is inside the episode. Also, the whole episode banked on finding current girlfriend of Prabhas and who will be his future wife, as if that is a national issue. With not much of an emotional connection inside the episode, surely it hasn’t clicked like the previous one.