Record Poll Percentage in Seemandhra

Record Poll Percentage in Seemandhra

The successor State of Andhra Pradesh has seen a record voter turn out in its first Assembly and Lok Sabha elections. The 13 districts of Seemandhra witnessed better poll percentage compared to 2009 and 2004 polls. Seemandhra voters proved that they are more enthusiastic compared to Telangana voters in general elections 2014. Despite many untoward, unlawful activities motivated by YSR Congress party activists in various constituencies, people came out in large numbers to exercise their votes notwithstanding soaring temperatures and rains in few regions.

While Guntur recorded highest 84% polling, Vishakhapatnam, Nellore stood last with 73%. Krishna, Prakasam, Anantapur, Chittoor stood second with 80% voting. On whole, Seemandhra saw over 80% poll percentage, said AP CEO Bhanwarlal. Below is the final figures of district-wise poll percentage in Seemandhra.

District wise polling percentage

Srikakulam: 76%

Vijayanagaram: 78%

Vishakhapatnam: 73%

East Godavari: 78%

West Godavari: 78%

Krishna: 80%

Guntur: 84%

Prakasam: 80%

Nellore: 73%

Kadapa: 75%

Anantapur: 80%

Kurnool: 76%

Chittoor: 80%