Renu Desai Responds On ‘Unlucky After Divorce’

Former wife of Tollywood superstar and Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Pawan Kalyan, has once again found herself at the center of controversy.

This time, Renu Desai was triggered by comments made by the Janasenani’s fans on her Instagram page, who referred to her as “unlucky” for having gone through a divorce as Pawan is in a powerful position now.

In a series of posts, Renu Desai strongly reacted to these comments, questioning the notion of her being “unlucky.” She expressed her hurt and frustration at being labeled as such for years, simply because her marriage to Pawan Kalyan did not work out.

Desai emphasized that it was Pawan Kalyan who had decided to leave the marriage and remarry, not the other way around. She went on to challenge the societal mindset that associates a person’s worth and luck with the success or failure of their marriage.

“It’s 2024 and we truly need to evolve as a society and stop associating luck with a divorce or someone whose partner has died. We need to start seeing that person as an individual for her or his personality and talents and hardwork”, she articualted. Further, she expressed her gratitude for the blessings in her life, emphasizing that she feels “so blessed” and has “so much gratitude for what I have rather than feeling bad for what I don’t have.”

Renu Desai further urged other divorced individuals to realize that they are not “unlucky” just because their marriage did not work out, and that their worth is not defined by the status of their relationship.