Ten Video Tapes Against Ghazal Srinivas??

Ten Video Tapes Against Ghazal Srinivas??

"Under the veil he is living in, under the 'save the temples' disguise he's wearing like a thick blanket, neither my friends nor my mother will believe that he's such a sex pervert" said the lady, who has lodged sexual harassment complaint on popular singer Ghazal Srinivas, who was arrested other day.

While Ghazal Srinivas condemned the allegations saying that the girl came forward offering him a shoulder massage as he's undergoing physiotherapy for that hand, the complainant has condemned it outright.

Speaking with a leading Telugu TV channel, she made some stunning comments on the Guinness Record-holding singer. "I didn't expect that he will misbehave this way as I've always seen him as a fatherly figure. He tried to lure me by offering a job in Central Government saying that he will become governor of a state soon and traded that offer for sexual favours. Even his maid Parvathi (A2 in the case registered by police) forced me to maintain sexual relations with him", the complainant said.

Why didn't she complain to anyone including Srinivas' wife and mother about this? "I've complained to his wife as well, but she too didn't help me out. They didn't believe me first. I told her openly that maid Parvathy is taking that wife's place, but she hasn't responded" she replied.

Adding more, she explained why she recorded those videos. "As no one would believe my argument without any proof, I've recorded almost ten videos of him, where he's seen in compromising position with that maid in one video, with others as well, and in another clip, he's seen forcing me. I've risked my life to record these clips and submitted to police for action".

She further said, "Srinivas will not be satisfied with just one girl. He has a wife at home and maid Parvathy at the office, but still, he lusts for every girl. From last months he's forcing me for sex and fulfil his desires. If he wants physiotherapy, he should get from a doctor, not from me. He even blackmailed me not to leave job, threatening that he will lodge cases on me".

On a concluding note, she asserted, "People like Ghazal Srinivas sing a lot of good things about women through songs, but they should show that through their behaviour. He named his daughter Samskruthi but he hasn't had any samskruthi (culture)".