'We will win 106 seats in election' - KCR

'We will win 106 seats in election' - KCR

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) exuded confidence of winning 100+ assembly seats by TRS party in the coming general election 2019. At TRSLP meeting on Sunday, where the party elected B Prakash Mudiraj, Santosh Kumar and B Lingaiah Yadav as its Rajya Sabha candidates, KCR declared that almost all the sitting legislators would receive the party ticket in coming polls too.

KCR confidently claimed with his party leaders- 'there's nothing to worry about coming general election as our party is set to comfortably win 106 seats and we're also prepared for an early election.'

The Third-front declaration by KCR, which drew outsize attention from everyone and it's now the subject of discussion at national level, came to discussion during this meeting. While speaking about this, KCR said that there's an urgent need for non-congress and non-BJP government at centre to address the issues in states. The CM of Telangana will meet nation-wide leaders and officials after the state budget sessions are finished later in this month. He also directed the party leaders to be attentive in the assembly sessions.

The budget session will commence from 12th of March and state governor L Narasimhan will address the house on first day of meeting. Later, on 15th March, Finance Minister Etela Rajender will announce the 2018 state budget.

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