'Is Andhra Pradesh Not Part of India?'

'Is Andhra Pradesh Not Part of India?'

"Is AP not part of India?". The statement is not made by any small leader. None other than seasoned politician, one of India's senior most politicians and statesman Chandrababu Naidu has made the above statement. With such harsh and straight comments coming from 'soft' Chandrababu indicating that he is unfolding a war against ally BJP. So far, Naidu had been soft when it comes to BJP. Even during pulling out his MPs from Modi's cabinet, Naidu was very reasonable, soft. However, Naidu lost his cool after BJP's false propaganda against TDP regarding the investments to AP.

In a scathing attack, Naidu has come down heavily on BJP for its fake claims. Sharply reacting to BJP's claim that the setting up of Kia Motors manufacturing unit in AP is their victory, Chandrababu took offence of this.

"AP has suffered a lot due to bifurcation that was imposed upon. Why AP is not allotted with Police Academy and CCMB? Is AP not part of India. Instead of helping out AP which lost a lot due to division, it is very sad that the Centre is escaping with just words without any actions," Chandrababu Naidu remarked.

"Why the Centre is ignoring AP's rightful demands of Special Railway Zone for Visakhapatnam, Kadapa steel plant? Why the Centre is creating obstacles to Amaravati and Visakhapatnam Metro Rail projects? The union government has to explain why it is not giving any subsidies to industries in AP. All the UCs (Utilization Certificates) pertaining to the expenditure in Polavaram Irrigation Project have been provided to the Centre. The UCs regarding Capital development funds were submitted to NITI Aayog and the NITI Aayog has approved all of them," Naidu added.

"The investments AP has got after a lot of our foreign visits and our own hard work. It is very shocking to claim that Kia Motors have come to Anantapur with the help of the Centre. They had promised to increase the number of constituencies in AP. Now, they are not bothered about that promise. If I ask for it, they're making false allegations against me," Chandrababu explained the sad state of affairs in AP.

"All the political parties across the country are in favour of the Special Category Status for AP. YSRCP is playing its double standards. Stating that the party has huge faith on Narendra Modi, why the party wants to table No trust motion against Modi government? Although the Centre has denied us the cooperation, AP hasn't step back despite being difficult. Though RBI didn't agree, we went ahead and waived farm loans as per our promise," Chandrababu severely attacked BJP.

Looks like, TDP is slowly hardening its stand. Chandrababu Naidu, who had been very soft on BJP so far, is slowly changing his voice considering the mood of the people. It seems, war between TDP and BJP is imminent.

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