Yeddyurappa To Become CM of Karnataka

Yeddyurappa To Become CM of Karnataka

Breaking the Southern bastion, Narendra Modi juggernaut, Yeddyurappa mascot and Amit Shah's perfect election management strategy combined together has delivered a massive victory to the BJP in Karnataka.

Contrary to most of the exit polls who had predicted a hung assembly, BJP has crossed half-way mark and is in a safe position. At 10.50 AM, BJP is standing tall by leading in 119 seats while Congress is leading only in 57 seats and JD(S) is at 44.

Political analysts predict that BJP will easily cross 120-mark and can form a stable, strong government. BJP CM candidate BS Yeddyurappa is all likely to become the new CM of Karnataka. Creating a history, Yeddyurappa is going to be the first BJP CM in South India.

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