K'taka: Prakash Raj Wins, Pawan Kalyan Fails!

K'taka: Prakash Raj Wins, Pawan Kalyan Fails!

The Karnataka result is indeed a set back to many bhakts of Modi including AP opposition leaders YS Jagan and Janasena's Pawan Kalyan who have been indirectly dancing to the tunes of Modi.

While Jagan's close aides such as Vijay Sai Reddy were said to be spotted in Karnataka in support of BJP, Jagan's long-term association with Gali brothers and Pawan Kalyan's statement on Karnataka after Yeddyurappa sworn in as the CM all clearly indicated how Jagan and Pawan have been supporting BJP in Karnataka.

But dampening all their hopes, the final result of Karnataka has come as a huge shocker to Jagan and PK.

Interestingly, Prakash Raj, who campaigned vigorously against the BJP in Karnataka Assembly elections, has been smiling and is said be laughing over his word becoming true in K'taka. He even stated that the era of BJP has ended and it will slowly lose one state after the other and eventually face a huge defeat in 2019 polls.

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