I Gave Highest Donation To Jagan

I Gave Highest Donation To Jagan

In a shocking incident, YCP leaders have fought verbally and thrown challenges in front of Vijay Sai Reddy. All through this was seen by party leaders, workers who were taken aback by the sudden developments. Going into details, This took place on Sunday in Visakhapatnam district, where two leaders of Yelamanchili constituency engaged in verbal fight. Ex MLA and constituency incharge Kannababu Raju and ex co-ordinator of constituency Boddeda Prasad have blamed each other in public meeting.

While Boddeda Prasad accused Kannababu of trying to malign his image and doing bad propaganda against him that he had made money in the previous election, Prasad publicly stated that he had properly distributed money to women voters that was entrusted upon him by then candidate Kannababu. Prasad said he had distributed money to voters and even properly explained the figures, calculations to Kannababu, but he said he has been targeted unnecessarily by Kannababu. Prasad told Vijay Sai Reddy that many are conspiring him to throw away from party.

Meanwhile, Kannababu has made shocking comments. He stated publicly that he was the one who had given highest donation to Jagan. He further stated that he knows who is what and who had played role behind's failure in the previous election. Kannababu said he wouldn't listen to anyone (hinting at Vijay Sai Reddy) and he wouldn't mend his ways. He made it clear that he knows how to win the next election.

With all this happened in front of all the party leaders and workers, Vijay Sai Reddy tried to convince the both leaders but in vain. At the end, Vijay Sai Reddy asked both the leaders to clam down for their aim to make Jagan Mohan Reddy as the nex CM.

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