'Vura Kukka, Vura Pandi', New Lows In AP Politics

'Vura Kukka, Vura Pandi', New Lows In AP Politics

He is reckoned as the firebrand minister in the Andhra Pradesh cabinet and the moment one provokes him, he bursts into anger in no time. Once again he has launched a scathing attack on Andhra Pradesh opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

The minister is Adinarayana Reddy who shifted his loyals from YSRCP to Telugu Desam. As YSR Congress leaders are constantly stating that they won the 2014 election purely on the basis of Jagan's charisma, this has irked Adi. He raised a valid point by mentioning about YSRCP's honorary president YS Vijayamma's defeat in Vizag.

Not stopping here,  Adinarayana Reddy said 'if we are stray Dogs, then you (jagan) and your party leaders are stray Pigs'? (Memu Vura Kukkalamayithe Meeru Vura Pandulu). This statement makes AP politics to reach a new low and politicians are degrading their image by themselves. People too do not appreciate such disgraceful comments.

Adi Narayana Reddy went on to say that YSRCP is involving in cheap politics by spreading false rumours that TDP has offered him Rs 20 crore. He questioned how much had Jagan bribed him when he reached the opposition leader in the past.

Meanwhile TDP leaders are cautioning not to make baseless allegations against Adi, else a befitting reply would hit back soon.

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