Hyd Brothers to compete with each others

Hyd Brothers to compete with each others

Former Congress leader Danam Nagender and Mukesh Goud are considered as Hyderabad Brothers. But Danam shifting to Telangana Rashtra Samithi has changed the equation completely and now it looks like both Danam and Mukesh are going to fight with each other in the rumoured to be early polls.

TRS party has reportedly finalised Danam's name for Goshamahal constituency and the formal announcement is expected to be made on September 12th. Meanwhile, Mukesh Goud is sure that he is going to get ticket and he is expecting Goshamahal constituency as well.

The contest of once upon a time soul-mates appears to be inevitable.

In the 2014 elections, T Raja Singh won the Goshamahal constituency on behalf of BJP. But as Raja Singh resigned to BJP, he is contemplating to contest as independent.

Goshamahal would be witnessing three way battle, whom will the voters elect is a million Dollar question!

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