KTR's Sense Of Humour On Upasana's Tweet

KTR's Sense Of Humour On Upasana's Tweet

Rather a serious attitude and technical tweets, politicians need to be little humorous and casual as well, and Telangana's IT Minister KT Rama Rao is a perfect example of that. After getting into campaigning mode, he has upped his humorous tone.

Reaching out to KTR on twitter, other day Apollo heiress and mega hero Ram Charan's wife Upasana shared a request regarding a new hostel to be built for girls. 'Dearest #telanganagovernment ur doing a great job. But we need a bit more love from you. Pls help the girls out. I'm doing my bit as well. Pls consider sanctioning a new hostel for them', she tweeted.

Reacting on the same, KTR replied, 'Glad the school has been sanctioned by the Govt & for the hostel to be sanctioned, we have to wait until 11th December for next Govt to be formed. P.s: Thanks for the vote of confidence'.

That sent social media into rolling as twitterati are busy discussing KTR's sense of humor. It looked like he has efficiently used a request from Upasana as a promotion for his father KCR led TRS, which is looking forward to swaying the upcoming general election in Telangana.

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