Vijay Promotes Pawan & Janasena?

Vijay Promotes Pawan & Janasena?

Vijay's Sarkar that released in Telugu come as a big shocker to many Telugu audiences who are correlating it to PK.

Sarkar movie clearly endorses a third political alternative to two traditional political parties. The film vouches for young politicians and says that age-old politicians must step aside. It also gives more importance to social media just like how Pawan Kalyan is relying on Facebook, Twitter more.

There are many instances and strong scenes in the movie which clearly brings Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena to the minds of Telugu audiences. While Vijay might have his own political intentions to shine in Tamil Nadu, but all that seems to be helping Pawan Kalyan and Janasena in AP. People, whoever, has watched Sarkar are coming out and saying that the film is about Pawan.

However, one has to wait and see whether the film would really help Pawan politically or not.

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