We Will Rename Hyderabad As Bhagyanagar: BJP

We Will Rename Hyderabad As Bhagyanagar: BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA from Telangana Raja Singh today said that Hyderabad's name will be changed to Bhagyanagar if the party wins Telangana Assembly elections 2018. The BJP MLA from Goshamahal Assembly also claimed that the BJP will also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimanagar.

"Earlier, Hyderabad was Bhagyanagar and in 1590 Quli Qutub Shah came to Hyderabad, he changed Bhagyanagar to Hyderabad. At that time, many Hindus were attacked, many temples destroyed. We are planning to rename Hyderabad," he added. Exuding confidence of a BJP win in Telangana, Raja Singh further said, "In Telangana, BJP will win majority and then our first aim will be developing the state. We will also change the names of Secunderabad and Karimnagar."

However, this name-changing move might not be successful in Telangana as the state has a considerable representation of Muslims. While AIMIM will oppose it tooth and nail, even TRS chief K. Chandrasekhara who enjoys goodwill among Muslims in the state, will not be willing to implement the move proposed by the BJP. In fact, this announcement by the BJP clearly reflects how the BJP is promoting "Hindutva."

The name-changing announcement comes days after Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath renamed Allahabad as Prayag Raj. Later during Deepotsav 2018 celebrations in Ayodhya, he announced that Faizabad district will be known as Ayodhya. Not just in Uttar Pradesh, but the demand for change of name of city has also grown in Gujarat. Apparently, they are planning to change the name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati if the government manages to get the required support to clear all legal hurdles.

Looks like renaming cities and towns after Hindu names has become a full-time vocation of BJP leaders ahead of the 2019 elections. But, will changing names change their fortunes? We are yet to witness that!

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