Interesting: BJP Ready To Join Hands With MIM

Interesting: BJP Ready To Join Hands With MIM

While the elections are over in Telangana and exit polls are out, all major political parties are boasting confidence on forming the government. However, all leading parties are holding back-talks with other parties for post-poll tie-ups. Given that Lagadapati's exit poll and various internal predictions of the leading parties indicating that no major party may get the complete majority and there's a possibility of hung, political parties are weighing various options.

The most shocking yet interesting development/speculation doing the rounds is that BJP in Telangana could join hands with TRS and MIM to avoid Congress-TDP. Although MIM and BJP are dead-enemies, BJP leaders in Telangana are okay to go with MIM. Buzz is that even MIM is okay to befriend BJP for its friendship with KCR.

BJP leader Vishnu Vardhan Reddy has openly admitted in a TV channel debate that BJP is ready to take support from MIM as well. He claimed that BJP would emerge as the third major force in Telangana and government can't be formed in Telangana without its support.  He even reasoned that how BJP had an alliance (unnatural alliance) with PDP, Peoples Democratic Party (a separatist party that allegedly is biased towards Pakistan) in Jammu and Kashmir. Vishnu also said that if TDP and Congress could join hands, why not BJP and MIM could. A section of BJP leaders in private are expressing that they are ready to join with MIM as any political party could correct themselves.

One cannot quash Vishnu's statement as even MIM had earlier given indications that it is okay if a coalition government really needs the support of BJP.  The moot question is whether the right-wing ideologue RSS would give its consent. That's tricky at the moment. But nothing is impossible in politics. Telangana is turning more interesting with each passing day. Let's wait and see.

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