How Jagan can change his strategy to become CM of AP

How Jagan can change his strategy to become CM of AP

It is a common sight across media to witness YSR Congress President Y.S Jaganmohan Reddy claiming that he will be the CM of Andhra Pradesh for 30 years. From the last two years, these statements have echoed with the media and have been spreading across social media too.

While Jagan has been a strong Opposition leader and has continued to hold the Telugu Desam Government responsible at multiple occasions, there is one thing that could ruin his efforts in becoming the Chief Minister of the state. His continuous statements reflecting his need to remain the ‘CM for 30 years’ portrays him as a power-hungry politician rather than someone who wants to serve the people.

Additionally, Jagan's constant bickering over Telugu Desam Party and its Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu shows him in poor light. Instead of constantly criticising the TDP, Jagan and his party karyakartas should focus more on how they can offer better governance to a state that is still suffering from the aftermath of bifurcation. Jagan needs to become the solution to Andhra Pradesh's problems if he wants to portray himself as the CM-material.

While he has made great strides of progress during his Padayatra over 341 days, it would be wise for Jagan to stop making statements which could make him look greedy and self-centred as a politician and focus on positive messaging to ensure his success.

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