#GoBackModi: YSRCP & Jana Sena's silence damaging their image?

#GoBackModi: YSRCP & Jana Sena's silence damaging their image?

The much anticipated meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Guntur today has garnered quite a lot of criticism from the people of Andhra Pradesh and especially, TDP and its allies in the state. However, the absolute silence of YSR Congress leaders, as well as Jana Sena leaders, is raising questions in people's minds.

While the TDP and other employee-led organisations have been protesting and taking out rallies against Modi's visit, shouting "Go Back, Modi!" slogans, it is making the most of the PM's visit by criticising YSR Congress and Jana Sena as cohorts of the BJP. Meanwhile, TDP leaders have also been attacking the YSR Congress that due to Jagan's cases, the party had no option but to surrender to the BJP.

Meanwhile, Jana Sena too remains tight-lipped about Modi's visit, despite Pawan's on and on criticism of the Centre over denying Special Status to Andhra Pradesh. On one hand, Jana Sena demands Special Status. But, ahead of Modi's visit to AP, the party has chosen to remain silent and not question the Centre which is in contrast with Pawan Kalyan's loud warnings of "questioning and not sparing the Centre" for doing injustice to Andhra Pradesh.

Going by their political strategies during Modi's visit, the Telugu Desam Party is making the most of criticising BJP while it is also using this event to damage YSR Congress and Jana Sena's reputation in the state. We are yet to see how these two parties respond to Modi's visit to AP.

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