Inside Talk: TDP MLAs Demanding Jr NTR

Inside Talk: TDP MLAs Demanding Jr NTR

Definitely, this is the shortest time for all the political parties in Andhra Pradesh to sharp their knives and prepare the guns for the April 11th poll battle. But Telugudesam party has stunned many by announcing its first list of candidates the moment the election schedule got announced.

And now, as the party bosses are busy preparing the second list, we hear that there is this new demand being put forward by some MLA candidates. With so much stiff competition around from YS Jagan and Pawan Kalyan, it will not be a cakewalk for TDP this time to capture the majority of seats. For that reason, these MLAs are in need of new promotion tools.

Some reports are coming that few people who are about to get the party ticket are now putting up a demand that TDP should bring Jr NTR again for the canvassing. They feel that for the kind of oratory capabilities, mass image and popularity this actor had, definitely he will be a tight and fitting reply to Pawan and Jagan.

While that thought is fine, in the recent times Jr NTR didn't even spoke about NTR biopic or endorsed TDP in the Telangana election especially in Kukatpally fiasco. So we have to really see if Telugu Desam is willing to rope in NTR and vice versa.

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