Mr Jagan, Politicising Viveka's Death Is A Bad Move

Mr Jagan, Politicising Viveka's Death Is A Bad Move

Over the last 24 hours following Y.S. Vivekanada's death in Pulivendhula, several theories have been doing rounds. While earlier it was said that he died of heart attack, later reports of murder and photos of injuries on his head and body were released, indicating gruesome details into the suspicious death.

On the other hand, YSR Congress party which initially stuck to the cause of death as "heart attack", later changed its tone and came up with a theory accusing the Telugu Desam Party leaders of conspiring against the YSR family. However, several key questions remain unanswered about Viveka's death. Responding to the death, AP Chief Minister and TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu raised several questions on why the "scene of the death or murder" was cleaned or tampered with by YSR's family members.

"Why didn't they inform the police first? Why did they clean up the blood when he was found in the bathroom? Why did they shift him to the bedroom and clean up his wounds? Why was the body shifted to hospital when it was police's duty to do so? How did Y.S. Avinash Reddy, who first called the police, get to know about the death when he was not living in the same house? Why were the police not allowed to investigate the crime scene then and there?," these questions still have no answers.

However, YSRCP President Y.S Jagan directly attacked AP Chief Minister and IT Minister Nara Lokesh of the murder of his uncle. Additionally, he went ahead and stated that "even his grandfather was killed under Chandrababu's CMship during his stint as the CM of united AP." It is unfortunate that YSRCP chief has decided to politicise the death of his own uncle when it has happened in his house. On the other hand, several speculations about the death are rife while YSR's family still needs to answer questions on why they had tampered the crime scene which could have helped the police establish facts and investigate it.

While it could be YSRCP's ploy to cash in on Viveka's death politically ahead of elections, it is a very bad move by the party to do so at this time. On the other hand, Jagan also stands exposed about why he directly alleged and took AP Chief and TDP's name which clearly makes it look like his strategy to politicise the death. The facts in the suspicious death clearly show how YSRCP is desperate to go to any extent to ensure that it wins AP Elections this time. However, Jagan needs to be careful because the facts point fingers at his own family's role in covering it up.

According to political observers, it would have been a wiser move if YSRCP leaders allowed the police to investigate the case, rather than give it a political hue. "With YSRCP getting into the picture and politicising it, the party and its chief are ruining their own chances of winning people's mandate," said a political analyst.

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