Advani is pained by Modi-Shah arrogance!

Advani is pained by Modi-Shah arrogance!

BJP senior leader L.K. Advani is hurt with the demeanour of the party leaders at the helm of the affairs. According to sources close to the senior leader, Advani was disappointed on not finding his name in the 1st list of party Lok Sabha candidates released and fielding of the party chief Amit Shah from Gandhinagar, the constituency which he holds close to his heart.

Adding insult to the injury, Advani was not even informed about this change in the decision by the party men. It is learnt that the party senior leader was in fact not hurt over not being fielded as a candidate in General Elections but that the party leaders ignored him and had taken decisions on their own without passing on important information to him.

He is pained over not being consulted either during the preparation of the list or after that, even as a matter of courtesy. Meanwhile, the BJP leadership has taken a decision to ensure that young leaders are given a chance under Modi-Shah leadership, unlike the veterans who still expect tickets. It is said that this could have been a possible reason why BJP has chosen to carefully sideline its veteran leader.

It is learnt that some sections of the BJP are pushing Advani to give a strict warning to the Modi-Shah duo over their arrogant attitude within the party, that is upsetting several leaders. On the other hand, it is learnt that Advani is also preparing to confront the Modi-Shah duo and given them an earful to bring back the party’s values of respecting each other, even if they are not given a ticket.

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