This Sentiment In TDP Haunts Firebrand MLA

This Sentiment In TDP Haunts Firebrand MLA

If one considers winning or losing in elections, a lot of it is dependent on performance, voter needs and beliefs. But, there is one other factor that weighs in for political leaders - sentiment. Most leaders have bizarre sentiments and beliefs about their winning prospects. It could be possible that they have developed these overtime due to a certain pattern of events.

Well, there is one MLA who's winning or losing prospects are exactly opposite of what works for the TDP. This firebrand leader is a great orator with thorough subject knowledge and is looked upon for his skills. Payyavula Keshav, TDP's leader from Urvakonda has been one of the key voices of the party. He has contested for assembly for five times including this election. However, his pattern of winning and losing as an MLA has worked quite the opposite way for the Telugu Desam Party.

In 1999 elections, Payyavula Keshav lost his assembly seat. That was also the first time he contested as an MLA. In the same year, TDP formed the government when TDP Chief N. Chandrababu Naidu continued his second term as the Chief Minister of united Andhra Pradesh. In 2004 and 2009, however, Keshav won but TDP was restricted to being the Opposition party in Assembly.

Similarly, in the 2014 elections, Keshav lost again while the Telugu Desam formed the government post bifurcation which marked Chandrababu's third term as the Chief Minister. With this sentiment picking pace within the party, many leaders say that Keshav's winning prospects totally work the opposite way for the party and are secretly wishing for his loss. This, according to them, will at least bring the party to power again.

Well, this MLA seems to be in an unfortunate position every time his party wins or loses. Quite a sentiment this is!

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