Is Chowdary looking at BJP, his comments say so!

Is Chowdary looking at BJP, his comments say so!

Ever since the embarrassing defeat in the assembly and Lok Sabha elections, the struggles of TDP have doubled. Many MLAs and leaders are just waiting for an opportunity to leave the party. Among the many names heard in the media, Chandrababu's most trusted person and Rajya Sabha MP Sujana Chowdary's name is constantly making it to the headlines. Is Chowdary looking at BJP? Political experts say yes as he comments in an interview to a news channel are evident.

Surprisingly Sujana reportedly said that in 2014 elections, TDP won with the support of BJP and Pawan Kalyan's Jana Sena Party. If TDP had maintained good relations with BJP, TDP could have retained the power. Sujana went on to make positive statements against Prime Minister Narendra Modi which has stunned yellow supporter. "The Modi wave is all over the country and TDP could not make use of it. That is why TDP lost in AP elections," added Sujana, says few media reports.

When asked about when he will quit TDP and join BJP, Sujana apparently replied that till now he did not think about it and if at all such situation arises he would definitely inform TDP chief Chandrababu before resigning to the cycle party.

With such comments, what is Sujana trying to prove? We all know that CBI is constantly targeting Sujana Chowdary and his business firms. Political experts says that may be to escape from CBI raids, Sujana might well joins hands with the saffron party.

It's just matter of time for Sujana to announce it officially that he will be in BJP in the next couple of months.