Pic Talk: Most Wanted Sivaji Turns Charlie Chaplin

Pic Talk: Most Wanted Sivaji Turns Charlie Chaplin

Most wanted by Cyberabad Police in the cases filed by TV9 owners Alanda Media, hero Sivaji still hasn't presented himself before the khakis. However, his videos and pictures are appearing everywhere on the internet, and this time, his makeover is trending.

After sharing a video from an undisclosed location, now former hero Sivaji is seen in a new avatar. He chopped his moustache, shortening from the sides and wearing it like a Charlie Chaplin. With this picture coming out, there are memes everywhere about his struggle to look like the legendary English actor. Whether Sivaji just did it like that or he's taking part in any shoot is not known, but his look is going viral on the internet now.

And one wonders if this look is a real or a fake (photoshopped) one, but the internet is going crazy after it. Some even commented, "Sivaji might have changed his appearance to escape the police. But his makeover is like a typical Telugu film act, where everyone will recognise him except the side characters".

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