All Is Well: Nani Poses With Babu & TDP MPs

All Is Well: Nani Poses With Babu & TDP MPs

Around a week ago, TDP's Vijayawada MP Kesineni Nani was at loggerheads with the party chief Chandrababu Naidu in MLC Buddha Venkanna issue.

Nani's online spat with Venkanna was so serious that he had even hinted at quitting the party of Babu didn't 'control his pet dog'. Earlier, Nani had even turned down Babu's offer to be TDP Chief Whip.

But it looks like all is well between Nani and Chandrababu now. Nani met with Chandrababu and TDP's Guntur MP and the party's parliamentary party leader Jay Galla and Srikakulam MP and Floor Leader Rammohan Naidu in a casual meet earlier today. Nani has talked it out with Babu and said to have got all the assurance.

Last week, in a nasty Twitter war of words, both Kesineni Nani and Buddha Venkanna alleged each other of corruption.
Venkanna had alleged that Nani used one number plate for several vehicles and also that he had illegally taken over former Speaker GMC Balayogi's money and property.

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