Women Pilot lands Aircraft without 'wheel'

Women Pilot lands Aircraft without 'wheel'

An Air India aircraft carrying 46 passengers made an emergency landing on Sunday as one of the two nose wheels got detached immediately after the take-off. 

On Sunday, An AI 9760 aircraft had taken off from Silchar at around 7.20 am and was scheduled to land at Guwahati at around 8.05 am. The ATC officials noticed the fall of the wheel on the runway and immediately brought the matter to the notice of Captain Urmila Yadav and Co-pilot. 

The Aviation officials said that there are only 50:50 chances of a safe landing in such circumstances. And for Boeing aircrafts, the safe landing possibilities are almost nil. 

The Caption used her skill here and made a safe landing at Guwahati airport atlast. At first, the aircraft was kept hovered over the LGBI airport for about two hours and ten minutes to burn the fuel in it. By doing this, the weight of the aircraft was reduced to put minimum pressure on the wheels and also to avoid catching fire in case of any crash while landing. As the front wheel got detached, the pilot ensured that the aircraft lands on the back wheels first and immediately after the front wheel touched the ground the engine was turned off. After several hours of nervous moments, everyone breathed a sigh of relief as the aircraft landed safely in the end.  

Aviation sources say, captain Urmila Yadav should be commended for her efforts behind safe landing. "If not her, the aircraft would have crashed. She didn't show any sign of feeling nervous, even though she is aware of deadly situation," said an ATC official.

The entire Nation lauded Urmila Yadav for saving the lives of 46 passengers. Heroes aren't born they are made!