Flood threat to Babu's residence in Amaravati

Flood threat to Babu's residence in Amaravati

The residence of opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu on Karikatta alongside the Krishna river, is likely to face flood threat. Over the last few days, flood water from Nagarjunasagar is reaching Prakasham barrage. The officials have evacuated the people residing in low lands of the Karikatta and also close to Prakasham barrage.

The officials at Chandrababu's residence have arranged sand bags well in advance as precautionary and Babu's convoy is shifted to a nearby resort. Also the stuff in the ground floor at the residence were moved up to the upper floor whereas Chandrababu along with family flew to Hyderabad.

The flood water from Pulichintala project made Prakasham barrage witness increase in water levels by nearly 12.3 feet. Also the total water storage capacity of the barrage is 3.07 TMC and it is completely full. So the officials are releasing water into Bay of Bengal. The inflow and outflow of water is 4.12 Lakh cuses and officials estimate that it might increase considering the heavy flow from Karnataka state.

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