Jagan’s Daring Act Again! Cancels Tirupati Public Meeting

AP CM YS Jagan has shocked many by canceling his own public meeting which is scheduled in Tirupati for 14th April. Ahead of Tirupati Lok Sabha by-election, AP CM Jagan had planned to visit Tirupati and address public at a meeting. He has planned to campaign for his party’s candidate and appeal to Tirupati people to vote for YSRCP.

However, CM Jagan has written a letter to the people of Chittoor and Nellore districts saying that growing Covid-19 cases are a great concern to him. In his letter he said that he is canceling his Tirupati public meeting as it could turn into a hot-spot for spreading Covid-19. Exuding a lot of confidence on voters and public, CM Jagan said that the people are aware of the government’s good deeds.

“Highest number of Covid-19 cases are being reported from Chittoor and Nellore districts. Of the 11 Covid-related deaths reported in the state in last 24 hours, 4 are from Chittoor and Nellore districts. If I convene a public meeting, people would turn into thousands out of love and affection. It puts their lives at risk. The health of people and their families well-being is of my utmost concern and priority. As a responsible CM, I’m cancelling my public meeting.”

“Though I could not personally visit and seek your votes. You are all aware of what government has done for you so far. I don’t need to mention it specially. I believe that the welafre schemes implemented by the government in the last 22 months have reached every household. I hope you would bless this government through your votes. I hope you’d vote for YSRCP candidate Dr Guru Murthy with a huge majority,” Jagan added.

At a time Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, BJP and several other leaders have made aggressive campaign in poll-bound Tirupati, CM Jagan took a daring step by confining to a letter.

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