Split in TSRTC! New JAC emerges!

Split in TSRTC! New JAC emerges!

Just a day after of RTC JAC Convener Ashwathama Reddy announcing to end the strike, dissent in TSRTC popped up and new JAC emerged. The new JAC convener Hanumanthu blamed Ashwathama Reddy for letting down the TSRTC employees, also the strike.

Speaking to the media Hanumanthu said, "When CM KCR set a deadlines, the strike should have been called off. What is the point of offering to end the strike now without getting any sort of assurance from the government and not even one demand is discussed with the government? Ashwathama Reddy deliberately provoked the government and now he is surrendering the strike. This is like insulting thousands of employees."

He further said that there 11 unions in TSRTC but only three unions have formed JAC and called for strike. Even if Ashwathama Reddy's JAC ends strike, the rest of the unions will continue in it.

On the other hand, CM KCR has called on transport officials and RTC MD Sunil Sharma. He is reportedly considering to impose conditions on employees for them to get back to their services.

RTC episode is witnessing a twist each and every day. The court is unable to solve the issue and so employees are helpless.

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