Neither We Lost nor KCR Won: JAC calls off strike!

Neither We Lost nor KCR Won: JAC calls off strike!

The TSRTC JAC has called off the strike and asked all the thousands of employees to end their protest and join their duty from tomorrow. JAC convener Ashwathama Reddy has called on the media and announced that they are putting an end to the strike.

For nearly 52 days, RTC employees went for strike yet not even a single day, the TRS government has called the employees for talks. CM KCR is adamant from the beginning calling it an illegal strike.

Speaking to the media, Ashwathama Reddy said, "This is not our defeat or government's victory. Only to save RTC and following the guidelines of the honourable High Court, we are calling off the strike. The JAC will continue and we will come up new strategies to get our demands meet."

Ashwathama Reddy also asked the temporary drivers and conductors not to come to the work as regular employees are joining back.

However, it's the RTC management that has to respond on the strike calling off. With the government being absolutely silent, RTC management is unable to take any decision. If the government continues to be stubborn, the fate RTC employees is something under serious threat.