Panic in TDP: 3 MLAs in touch with YCP

Panic in TDP: 3 MLAs in touch with YCP

Despite the YSRCP storm all over the state during the last elections, TDP managed to win four seats in Prakasham district. But the good days for the opposition did not last long as we hear that three TDP MLAs are in talks with the ruling party.

The MLAs are Gottipati Ravi from Addanki, Sambasiva Rao from Paruchur and Anjaneyudu Swami from Kondapi. Since the last two months, YSRCP is doing 'Operation Akarsh' in Prakasham with full force. However the TDP MLAs were stubborn and so YSRCP indulged in cheap tricks to divert the MLAs.

Gottipati Ravi has granite mines in the district and in the last week, vigilance officers have held raids at the mines on the directions of YSRCP government. The officers claimed that the mines are indulging in irregularities and penalty of Rs 125 crore may be imposed. Unable to bare this pressure, Gottipati Ravi has decided to quit TDP.

Getting to know about this, TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu has directly stepped into action. He assured Gottipati that the party will fully support him. But the Addanki MLA is not convinced and is said to be talking to his supporters and well-wishers.

Three YSRCP ministers Balineni, Kodali Nani and Perni Nani are behind this whole episode. The ministers assured that the TDP MLAs will be given constituency incharge roles once they join YSRCP and later they can be part of the government.

If the YSRCP decides upon a date, the TDP MLAs will take a final call by then is what we are hearing from the sources. Overall, YSRCP's tactics have worked here.