TRS MLA felt sad about Disha rapists encounter

TRS MLA felt sad about Disha rapists encounter

From the ruling party to the oppositions in Telangana, many politicians applauded the encounter of Disha rapists. TRS ministers have made statements that Disha got justice and no one will ever dare to repeat such incidents in future.

Amidst this appreciation, a voice of sympathy is heard and it is from TRS MLA. Aler TRS legislator Gongidi Sunitha it is and she expressed her concern to the family members of the four accused who were shot dead by the police.

In a cheque distribution program in her constituency, Sunitha said, "Everyone felt sorry for Disha who was brutally raped and murdered. At the same time injustice also met to the four accused. The parents of the four are in deep sorrow and I express my deep condolences."

Sunitha's comments are going viral in the social media now. This is out of the moon and none expected that a ruling party MLA will make such comments. But she did not cross her party line and confined herself to just a sympathy statement.

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