Shock to Pawan: Jana Sena MLA backs English Medium

Shock to Pawan: Jana Sena MLA backs English Medium

Ever since the YSRCP government has proposed to convert all the government schools into English medium, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is bluntly opposing it. For a few days, he kept positing tweets in favour of Telugu medium and also tried to induct religion in this but his efforts went in vain.

In a major embarrassment to Pawan, his own party MLA has supported the English medium proposal by the YSRCP government. Speaking in the assembly, Razole MLA Rapaka Varaprasad said, "Mostly it will be the Dalits who study in the government schools. This government took a good decision to introduce English medium in government schools and there is no need to oppose it."

Adding, "Previously Chandrababu's government made an attempt to introduce English medium but they could not do it successfully. Current CM has just carried forward what the previous government has left. So it is not appropriate to oppose it."

The Jana Sena MLA further said, "By studying in English medium, people of this region especially Razole and East Godavari district who fly to the Gulf countries, will get good opportunities. Currently many people are working as daily labours while people from Kerala who have good language skills, do white collar jobs."

What Pawan has to say on his own party MLA's views here? It's a tricky situation for the Jana Sena chief.