Jagan to nominate Chiru for Rajya Sabha?

Jagan to nominate Chiru for Rajya Sabha?

Megastar Chiranjeevi who is completely away from politics over the last couple of years is likely to get an unexpected offer from none other than AP CM YS Jagan. Well, it is a Rajya Sabha ticket.

In details, about four Rajya Sabha seats will get vacate in April month and Jagan who has information regarding the same, is considering to nominate Chiranjeevi. Though Chiru is not an YSRCP leader, yet Jagan wants to do this in a strategic political equation.

Out of the four, Jagan wants to offer one seat to non-political personalities and so Chiru is being looked under artists category. This can reckoned as a political strategy too. If Chiru gets nominated to the Upper Hand, it would make Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan silent and in it would counter PK who has teamed up with BJP and is looking to grow in the state.

Jagan is known for taking bold decision and there won't be any opposition, if he picks Chiru's name for Rajya Sabha. But will Chiru accept Jagan's proposal? Unlikely!

Not to forget Chiru has supported Jagan's 'Three Capitals' idea and added that I would be helpful for overall development of state.

If Chiru accepts, a new friendship blossoms then!