Jagan tops in AP; Harish Rao in Telangana

Jagan tops in AP; Harish Rao in Telangana

The other day Supreme Court of India has asked all the political parties in the country why tainted leaders are being given a chance to contest elections and directed them to publish the criminal cases against the leaders in newspapers and social media.

When it comes to the Telugu states, AP CM YS Jagan has topped the list of having more number of cases against him. Jagan is involved in 38 cases and out of them, he is named in serious illegal financial transaction cases. From AP, a total of 101 politicians are booked in small to high range cases and offenses.

Coming to Telangana, state's finance minister Harish Rao has the highest number of cases against him with 41. TRS working president KTR has 17 cases on him while his father and Telangana CM KCR has 13 cases on him. Most of these cases are filed at the time of Telangana agitation.

The Supreme court asked the political parties to publish the details of the criminal and civil cases in the respective political parties websites and social media.

So will the Telugu states leaders dare to do so? Don't think so!