Telugu Man Killed in USA Grocery Store Shooting

A tragic incident occurred in Arkansas, USA, where a shooting at a grocery store claimed the lives of four people, including 32-year-old Dasari Gopikrishna from Andhra Pradesh, India.

Gopikrishna, who had moved to the US just eight months ago, was working at the Mad Butcher store in Fordyce when the gunman attacked on June 21.

Gopikrishna was at the billing counter when he was shot and suffered severe injuries. Despite efforts at the hospital, he passed away the next day. His family in Yajali, India, particularly his wife and son, were devastated upon hearing the news.

The assailant’s actions were captured on CCTV as he entered the store and fired at Gopikrishna. After the shooting, the gunman took something from a shelf and fled. In total, four people lost their lives and nine others were injured during the incident.