US: Embassy Warns Students On Fake Documents

With an increased number of students aspiring to pursue their studies in the US every year, the number of student visas approved in 2023 was at a record number.

In a recent interaction with the media, the US Embassy acting spokesperson Nicole Holler spoke about the rising number of student visa applications. In the same context, Holler also warned the applicants ‘to treat the interview as a conversation and asked the students to provide genuine answers and never bring a fake document to the interview’.

‘In 2023, we issued a record number of student visas, higher than in any country in the world. M140,000 student visas were issued in India and the Indian students studying in the US surged by 35 percent in the academic year 2023-23. We also encourage prospective students to use EducationUSA’s free advising services to find the school that fits them best and obtain accurate information on the admissions and visa processes’, Holler said.

With this mention, the US Embassy is believed to be in plans to curb the fake activity in student visa applications. Earlier, the USCIS managed to reduce the multiple H-1B applications by issuing an action to be taken on those who committed fraud by submitting multiple registrations to improve their odds in the H-1B lottery.