Help Ravi Varaganti Fight Cancer

Help Ravi Varaganti Fight Cancer

Ravi Varaganti, who resides in Maryland, is suffering from higher grade spinal cord tumour. The tumour has been diagnosed to be malignant after he was rushed to emergency for pain in his shoulder and wrist.

On February 8th 2019, the news came as a shock to Ravi and his family members. He is a married man with a lot of reponibilities. Being a father of two, these children are profoundly affected by their father's health condition. The cancer tumor is termed as Diffuse Midline Glioma.

Glioma usually spreads at a fast pace and is quite rare. His friends and collegues are constantly helping the family on this terrible news. Some of his colleagues are extremely upset as they believe Ravi is a very loyal and caring friend they ever had. Moreover, Ravi's 7 year old son suffers from autism. His wife, who is a home-maker, is devasted to handle their 9 month old baby girl along with regular hospital trips.

All that Ravi needs right now is the financial and mental support. Ravi's brother, Praveen Varaganti, started a campaign on the website GoFundme requesting financial support for his immediate treatment. Ever since his biopsy, he has been bedridden. His cancer treatment is ongoing at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. Both chemotheraphy and radiation are being given to Ravi.

His family has requested to shower some humanity and donate as much as we can in order to help them on their costly clinic sessions.

Gofundme Link to Help Ravi Varaganti