All Is Well, Legendary Director Is Playing Golf

For some unknown reasons, these days the rumours surrounding the health of legendary filmmaker Mani Ratnam are refusing to die down. Last week there is a huge buzz that the director got a heart stroke and he's getting treated at the ICU of a famous hospital in Chennai. How much of that is true?

It's quite untrue and those all just remain unwanted gossip because Maniratnam is quite healthy. He's so well that today morning he's caught playing golf with popular spiritual leader Sadhguru. However, the director has, in fact, went to a leading hospital but that's for a routine checkup. His wife Suhasini confirmed that Mani is well and only he turned up for a regular checkup but nothing else. And this picture adds more weight to her revelation.

On the films front, after the super flop show of Chikkam Chivvantha Vaanam, Mani Ratnam is trying to assemble a stellar casting for his next including the likes of Mohan Lal and Aishwarya Rai. An official announcement is yet to be made on this.