Nithya’s Vintage Glamour in Red Saree

On this auspicious Navaratri occasion, Nithya Menon has graciously shared some stunning photographs. She’s elegantly adorned in a scarlet red silk saree, complemented by matching bangles and payal, with a captivating dupatta. The photoshoot captures Nithya reclining gracefully on a floor adorned with crimson rose petals, resembling a newlywed bride, exuding sheer beauty.

In her caption, she shares, “This inspiration harks back to vintage Indian paintings depicting women draped in vibrant red sarees. The Divine Feminine – Goddess Durga, representing the physical embodiment of ‘Shakti’ or ‘Universal Energy,’ was conjured by Hindu deities to vanquish the notorious demon ‘Mahisasura.’

This reimagination serves as an endeavor to present a fresh perspective on a character and weave a novel narrative around them. Each portrayal is a reinterpretation that captivates with a distinctive approach, all the while preserving the core aesthetics of the original works.”