Corona: India Overtakes France And Is At 7th Position

There have been mixed spectrum of opinions, speculations, analysis and aggression among Indians for the unimaginable growth in coronavirus cases in spite of four-phased lockdowns. In a single day, 8,392 new cases have been reported across the nation and India is on the 7th place, crossing France (1,89,220) as well.

With more than 1,90,000 positive cases, the Indian government had to take the blame for failing to curb the spread of the novel virus from various sections. The sudden lockdown of 1.3 billion Indians ever since March seems like no use with cases skyrocketing no matter what.

Now, with the public transports being open, experts believe that India might even jump above 7th place in the world, leading to community transmission as well. Moreover, the visuals at railway stations have already shown how dangerous the situation might get with people rushing in the wee hours.

The Indian Public Health Association, Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine and the Indian Association of Epidemiologists said in a joint statement – “Had the migrant persons been allowed to go home at the beginning of the epidemic when the disease spread was very low, the current situation could have been avoided”. This is because, migrants would possibly take infection to rural and semi-urban areas, leading to more havoc.

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