IMA Upset Over India’s Complacency; Warns Third Wave Is Imminent

The national voluntary organization of physicians in India, the Indian Medical Association (IMA) today appealed to the Central and state governments to continue staying cautious on the Covid front warning that the third wave is not so far away. They expressed pain over complacency shown by authorities and the public in several states of India, especially in this crucial situation.

India is indeed getting out of catastrophe second wave and special thanks to considerable efforts of the medical fraternity and public’s cooperation. But the seriousness is slowly fading away, getting everything to normalcy.

Citing the global evidence available and the history of any pandemics, an IMA press release said that the third wave is inevitable and imminent. “However, it is painful to note in many parts of the country both the government and public are complacent and engaged in mass gatherings without following Covid protocols”.

It suggested that the tourist and travel industries needed to wait for a few more months. Without a fully vaccinated population, opening any recreational places and encouraging mass gatherings are potential super spreaders for the Covid third wave. IMA said that after the second wave, one can get an idea by now on how the third wave can be controlled with universal vaccination and following Covid-appropriate behavior.

IMA President Dr. Johnrose Austin Jayalal appealed to all state governments in a special video to translate the “vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi” of a unified battle against the pandemic and control all mass gatherings. “At this crucial juncture, in the next two to three months…let us not take any chances,” he said.

With the experience of two waves so far, it is understandable that covid is like Influenza. It will not go away completely. India should vaccinate as early as possible. Until then, it will raise its ugly head and keep attacking. Once the vaccinations are done, the subsequent waves will be mild and may require annual boosters like annual flu shot every year in some countries.