Hot Topic: Revanth’s Lucky Number Logic

Six days after taking over as Telangana PCC chief Revanth Reddy has categorically hinted that he is the CM candidate from Telangana Congress party. Revanth made indirect comments while taking part in a protest rally in Nirmal district.

The Telangana Congress has planned for a wider protest over the petrol and diesel prices in Telangana. PCC chief Revanth took part in the protest in Nirmal district and during the rally he addressed the Congress cadre.

“KCR’s lucky number is 6 and my lucky number is 9. So the 6 should be overturned and suppressed to make it 9,” said Revanth.

These comments by Revanth have turned into a hot topic in Telangana politics as well as the Congress party.

Despite the seniors, Revanth is silently doing his job. He has applied the same formula to get the PCC chief and if at all T-Congress gets a good majority in 2023 Assembly elections, he would ensure that the high command would prefer him for the Chief Minister’s role.

But slowly Revanth is making sure to have his mark on the T-Congress and is working accordingly.